Kalahari & Northern Cape

KALAHARI & NORTHERN CAPE The Kalahari Desert and the Northern Cape province of South Africa are two fascinating regions that offer a unique blend of natural beauty, culture, and history. The Kalahari Desert is not a traditional desert in the sense of endless sand dunes, but rather a semi-arid savanna, covering parts of [...]


HERMANUS Hermanus is a picturesque coastal town located in the Western Cape. Known as the "Whale Capital of the World," Hermanus has become a global destination for whale-watching enthusiasts. The town's history dates back to the early 19th century when it was established as a fishing village. Over the years, it has transformed [...]

Eastern Cape

EASTERN CAPE South Africa's Eastern Cape is a diverse and captivating province known for its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and historical significance. One of the most prominent features of the Eastern Cape is its natural beauty. The province boasts a wide range of landscapes, from the rugged Wild Coast, with its dramatic [...]

Madikwe and The Waterberg

MADIKWE & THE WATERBERG Madikwe and The Waterberg are two distinct and captivating regions in South Africa renowned for their conservation efforts and remarkable landscapes. Madikwe Game Reserve, situated in the North West Province, is one of South Africa's hidden gems when it comes to wildlife experiences. Covering an extensive expanse of over [...]

KwaZulu Natal

KWAZULU NATAL KwaZulu-Natal, often abbreviated as KZN, is located in the eastern part of South Africa. It is a region of remarkable cultural diversity, natural beauty, and historical significance.  KwaZulu-Natal is a province known for its stunning geography. It stretches along the Indian Ocean coastline, offering breathtaking beaches and warm waters for swimming [...]

The Winelands

THE WINELANDS Relax and taste world-class wines in the stunning landscapes, close to Cape Town. South Africa's Winelands are a captivating and picturesque region that has gained international acclaim for its exceptional wines and breathtaking landscapes. Nestled in the southwestern corner of the African continent, this wine-producing paradise boasts a rich history dating [...]

The Great Migration

The Great Migration A five-day trip to experience the Great Migration is Kenya featuring stunning accommodation and endless wildlife. Your trip will start with a night in the countryside just outside Nairobi at the iconic Giraffe Manor. This is a gorgeous hotel, made famous by its resident herd of Rothschild giraffes. Expect them [...]

Rwanda and Uganda Combined

Rwanda & Uganda Combined 17 days experiencing the best of Rwanda and Uganda with incredible wildlife and luxury accommodation. Start your trip with a night in Kigali and an introduction to Rwanda’s tragic past with a visit to the Genocide Museum. Next, head off to Akagera National Park to start experiencing the splendours [...]

Jordan in Depth

Jordan in Depth A 2-week trip featuring deserts, lost cities and crusader castles whilst staying in luxury hotels Start your trip with 3 nights in Amman. Enjoy a tour of the city and the desert castles beyond to get a fabulous introduction to modern day Amman and its ancient history. Take a day [...]

Self Drive Garden Route

Self Drive Garden Route Enjoy a self-drive tour through the spectacular winelands and Garden Route, finishing with a luxury safari on the Eastern Cape. Your trip will start with four nights in the fabulous city of Cape Town. Stay in one of the city’s top hotels and enjoy time exploring independently. Your guide [...]

Kruger National Park

KRUGER NATIONAL PARK Visit one of the oldest wildlife reserves in the world for a classic South Africa experience. Known for its ground-breaking conservation philosophy, Kruger National Park is one of the largest and oldest reserves in Africa. Its practices have paved the way for so many other national parks in Africa and [...]

The Garden Route

THE GARDEN ROUTE Lush indigenous forests, serene lagoons, wild sandy bays and green valleys make up the delightful Western Cape. The Garden Route is so called because of the diverse and verdant forests and lakes and bays that cover this stretch of coastline. Running almost 300km along the coast from Heidelberg to the [...]

Cape Town

CAPE TOWN Marvel at this exceptionally beautiful city, one of the most beautiful in the world. Cape Town is a city destined to please. The iconic Table Mountain dominates the horizon with the city in the foreground. A combination of the crisp waters of the cape, the charming waterfront and the sandy beaches [...]


The roots of Carnival can be traced back to the ancient Romans and Greeks who celebrated the rites of spring. Across Europe, including France, Spain and Portugal, people annually gave thanks by throwing parties, wearing masks and dancing in the streets. Such traditions were carried over to the New World. The Portuguese first brought the concept of celebration or “Carnaval" to Rio around 1850.

The Costa Verde

The Costa Verde, translated as the Green Coast, is essentially the coastal areas of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro states. This loosely runs from Santos in the south of Sao Paulo state to Buzios as you travel further north to the edge of Rio de Janeiro state. It’s an area of beaches, mountains, lush rainforests, wildlife and the sparkling Atlantic Ocean.

Sao Paulo

Stylish, innovative, and boasting an incomparable urban ‘cool’ factor: whilst São Paulo will never win the prize for being Brazil’s most photogenic tourist destination, this sprawling concrete megalopolis is a treasure trove of historical and cultural delights, offering some of Brazil’s most excellent gastronomy, nightlife and art.

North Coast Brazil

The north-coast of Brazil we consider to be the stretch of land which runs roughly from Fortaleza, in Ceará state, to Sao Luis, in Maranhão state. This route is known locally as the Rota das Emoções, the Route of Emotions as the coastal route is so contrasting.

The North East

The north-east of Brazil, from a tourist point of view, is all about the beach. The states of Rio Grande do Norte, Paraiba, Pernambuco and Alagoas form this corner of Brazil which juts out into the Atlantic Ocean and also include the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, 350 kilometres off the coast.