Visiting Mompox in Colombia

On a recent trip to Colombia, Humboldt director Simon was fortunate enough to visit the beautiful historic colonial town of Mompox. Alexander von Humboldt visited the town in 1801 on his journey up the Rio Magdalena while Gabriel García Márquez famously wrote “Mompox doesn’t exist. Sometimes we dream about her, but she doesn’t exist”. [...]

Luxury Hotel of the Month: March

Rolling green hills, towering palms and colourfully painted wooden houses are what make the coffee region such a unique part of the world. Within the valleys there are quaint towns and traditional haciendas which have barely changed over the last hundred years or more. Hacienda San Jose is a shining example of how a restored hacienda can become a beautiful luxury hotel...

Tasty Plantain Pancakes

Plantain Pancake Recipe This pancake day why not try something completely different to the normal 'crepe' style, and use plantain to create these chunky and delicious alternatives. Plantain (part of the banana family) is a staple in many countries in Latin America, and can be used in lots of different recipes. It's low sugar, [...]

Medellin Then and Now

Medellin is a city with a violent past. Home to the notorious drug baron, Pablo Escobar, it owes much of its history to him and his empire for both good and bad reasons. Escobar was born and brought up and finally killed in Medellin. A child of the slums, he rose through life, becoming rich [...]