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Guatemala, A Birder’s Paradise

It may be geographically small; however, Guatemala boasts immense natural and cultural diversity. From picturesque beaches to towering volcanoes, and from arid dry forests to lush tropical jungles, the country encompasses a wide range of ecosystems. Within these diverse environments, the country is home to over 700 bird species, at least 40 of which [...]

Luxury travel in Peru

Experiencing the Height of Luxury: Travelling through Peru's Enchanting Landscapes Peru, a land of ancient wonders and breathtaking landscapes, beckons travellers from across the globe with promises of unforgettable experiences. While its rich history and diverse culture are well-known, Peru also offers a haven for luxury travellers seeking opulence amidst its natural splendour. From [...]

Where to travel in 2024

As the New Year approaches many of you will already have trips planned for 2024. We’ve seen a lot of clients booking well ahead for trips to some of our most popular destinations such as Brazil, Costa Rica, South Africa, Argentina, India and Antarctica. Although it’s not one of our featured destinations, we’ve also had [...]

Visiting the new Hotel Rosewood Sao Paulo

The new Rosewood Sao Paulo opened last year after 14 years in construction and to much fanfare. Simon from Humboldt paid it a visit to see if the hype was justified. His response, ‘Oh yeah!’. Located the beating heart of Sao Paulo in the Jardins neighbourhood, the Rosewood Sao Paulo is perfectly situated. A stones [...]

Visiting Mompox in Colombia

On a recent trip to Colombia, Humboldt director Simon was fortunate enough to visit the beautiful historic colonial town of Mompox. Alexander von Humboldt visited the town in 1801 on his journey up the Rio Magdalena while Gabriel García Márquez famously wrote “Mompox doesn’t exist. Sometimes we dream about her, but she doesn’t exist”. [...]

Tiger Spotting in India

India is still very much the best place in the world to see Bengal tigers and the optimum time to see these beautiful big cats is between October to April. This is primarily because the climate is cooler, so game drives and travelling will be far more comfortable. The tiger spotting schedule fits well [...]

The Best Fly Cruises to Antarctica

Antarctica is a dream destination and one which is firmly on every travel bucket list. You can now fly to the White Continent on a luxury Fly Cruise, avoiding the notorious Drake Passage and saving you on 4 days at sea. It's a great way to maximise your time among the icebergs.

The W Hotels of Latin America

Young, dynamic and, in fairness, not everyone’s cup of tea; the W Hotels always make an impression. Offering sleek contemporary interiors, sophisticated bars and a vibrant modern take on traditional luxury, the W Hotels of Latin America are perfect for travellers seeking comfort with a playful edge.