The Best Vineyards in Uruguay

Uruguay is the fourth-largest producer of wine in South America, with a production of roughly 67,000 tonnes a year. It is most known for red wines produced from Tannat grapes, but white wines made from Albariño are beginning to receive attention internationally too.

10 Exceptional Things to do in Uruguay

Uruguay may not have the historical riches of Peru, the dramatic mountain ranges of Patagonia or the exotic wildlife dwelling in the Amazon rainforest, yet this tiny country has an irresistible charm calling in the seasoned traveller looking for an authentic experience in a little-known corner of the globe.

Luxury Hotel of the Month: September

Voted as one of Harper's Bazaar Top 25 Hotels in the World, and with numerous other awards under its belt, Bahia Vik is a premier hotel in Latin America. Set on a beautiful sweeping beach in Uruguay, this is the ideal place to relax and soak up the sun. Although Uruguay is often overshadowed by its bigger and flashier neighbours, it has much to offer the discerning traveller.

Whale Watching in Uruguay

Uruguay is not the first country that people think of when visiting Latin America and it is certainly not the first country that one associates with whales. However, it is a beautiful country with some fantastic destinations for cuisine, wine, beaches and not to mention whales. June marks the start of the whale watching season [...]