The W Hotels of Latin America

Young, dynamic and, in fairness, not everyone’s cup of tea; the W Hotels always make an impression. Offering sleek contemporary interiors, sophisticated bars and a vibrant modern take on traditional luxury, the W Hotels of Latin America are perfect for travellers seeking comfort with a playful edge.

A Stay At Tierra Atacama

Chile’s dusty Atacama Desert is a magical expanse of copper-coloured landscapes and Tierra Atacama is one of the standout hotels in this scenic region. Humboldt Director Kirsty tells us her favourite things about this luxury property.

Exploring the Atacama Desert: The Highlights

Made up of soaring volcanoes, thermal geysers, copper-coloured rock formations and whimsical pastel-coloured lagoons, the Atacama Desert is a must-do in Chile. The Atacama Desert, alongside the frozen steppes of Patagonia, is an absolute must-see on any luxury trip to Chile. Offering an almost directly inverted colour-scheme to the whites, blues and greens of Patagonia, the Atacama is composed of landscapes painted in vibrant hues of red, brown and orange.

Best Travel Experiences in Chile

There is no place quite like Chile. From the snow-capped peaks of the Andes which are only a few hours from the Pacific coastline, to the dry desert of Atacama in the north of Chile which contrasts massively to the frozen Patagonian fjords in the south...

Luxury Hotel of the Month: May

The Chilean lake district is an area of Latin America which is beginning to gain popularity, yet still remains very much unspoilt. The area is a haven for those seeking a connection with nature and plenty of outdoor activities. From white water rafting to volcano trekking, and bird-watching to horse riding, there is a wide [...]

A Guide to Self Drive in Patagonia

As far as self-drive holidays go, there are few places in the world that lend themselves to this exciting method of travel as well as Patagonia does. Both the Argentine and Chilean side of this vast region are perfect to explore by car and both are very easy to navigate. The dramatic sweeping landscapes, unique culture and extraordinary wildlife make this region perfect for an adventurous trip.

Luxury Hotel of the Month: April

Patagonia Camp is a luxury property which provides unique accommodation overlooking Torres del Paine National Park. It may not be a hotel in the traditional sense, but it is the first luxury camp in South America and therefore provides an unrivalled glamping experience. The camp has wonderful views of Lago Toro framed by the [...]

The Best Hiking Trails in Patagonia

The wilderness of Patagonia is a treasure trove of hiking trails for those who venture to this far flung corner of the globe, and with a new direct flight now being operated by British Airways from London to Santiago, this end of the world destination is more accessible than ever... Battling the biting [...]

The Best Luxury Hotels in Santiago

Chile’s capital Santiago is a fantastic starting point for a trip to South America, and a haven for art enthusiasts. Brimming with trendy bars and restaurants plus fantastic museums, the city is widely known for being rich in culture. Visitors to the capital won't be short of things to do; stroll around the fish market [...]