Do I need a visa?

The visa policy of each country is based on reciprocity; therefore citizens of countries that insist upon entry visas for Latin American citizens will need entry visas. British citizens currently do not require visas for visits to any South American country, however other nationalities may differ, most notably Americans, Canadians and Australians. Check with the [...]

What is the weather like?

The weather in Latin American can be vastly different in each country. If you are travelling to the Amazon rainforest, expect warm and humid weather with occasional downpours. If you are visiting Patagonia, the weather is cool, dry and extremely windy! In complete contrast, the weather in Lima, the capital of Peru, can be mild [...]

When is the best time to visit Latin America?

Due to the sheer size of Latin America it’s a difficult question to answer and depends on the sights you want to see and the experience you want to have. The good news is - that there are lots of destinations that are excellent to visit for every month of the year. To read more, [...]

Is Humboldt Travel a member of ABTA?

No, we are not. ABTA ended its consumer promise in 2006. This means that not all of the travel arrangements that you book through an ABTA member are necessarily protected in case of the financial failure of the travel company. We have financial protection through the Travel Trust Association (Membership No. Q9876) which provides a [...]

Do I need vaccinations?

Vaccination against yellow fever is necessary when visiting some South American countries. You may need to present your vaccination certificate as proof. Malaria Prophylaxis is advised when visiting some areas, particularly in the Amazon basin. Other frequently recommended vaccinations include Hep A, Hep B, Typhoid, Diptheria, Polio and Rabies. Please consult your travel doctor for [...]