Peru is a fabulous country for many reasons; it has a remarkable amount of wildlife in its section of the mighty Amazon rainforest, it is home to one of the deepest canyons in the world, its coastlines boast excellent surfing conditions, the gastronomy scene is one of the best on the planet and the people have a variety of remarkable cultures.

However, it is not these things that bring the majority of tourists to this colourful country, it is the history. Ancient civilizations including Nazca, Inca, Moche, Tiwanaku and Chimu have all resided in this land over the centuries, and many have left their mark on the earth which can still be seen today.

Chan Chan Peru

Chan Chan ruins, Trujillo, Peru

Machu Picchu needs no introduction, as one of the most famous sites not just in Peru, but the world, it has been visited by hundreds upon thousands of people since its re-discovery in 1912 by the great explorer Hiram Bingham. Other popular and interesting destinations throughout Peru showcase hieroglyphs, statues, mummies, tombs, graveyards and some impressive artifact collections (including large quantities of gold items) housed in museums that are just as impressive.


A llama at Machu Picchu

The tourist trail through Peru has led to many of these popular sites being regularly visited – something which has recently led to the Peruvian government imposing new rules for visitors to Machu Picchu in order to preserve this iconic ruin. Now, with new access opening up, there are more unusual and ‘off the beaten track’ historic relics and structures that can be visited. One of which, is the fascinating and extraordinary Chachapoyas.


The Revash Mausoleums close to Chachapoyas

Located in the north of the country, Chachapoyas and nearby Kuelap, are home to some incredibly well preserved constructions, including the Kuelap Fortress and colourful tombs set into the cliffs. Not only are there a selection of mind-blowing ancient history sites, but the area is also rich in wildlife (particularly hummingbirds), and has many beautiful waterfalls – including the 3rd highest waterfall in the world – Gocta Falls.

To access this remote and largely unknown region, we would recommend the following itinerary;


Flight : Lima – Jaen

3 hrs Drive to Cocochimba and overnight in Gocta Lodge.

Stunning views of the waterfalls at Gocta Lodge

Excursion to Gocta Falls, which at 771m high are the third tallest in the world. Hike through the mountainous forest landscape which are home to monkeys, toucans and orchids before enjoying a picnic lunch infront of the falls.
Transfer to Chachaypoyas and overnight.
Enjoy a ride on the brand new cable car to visit the Kuelap Fortress – an impressive structure of huge dimensions. In the afternoon, visit the Leymebamba museum which has an incredible collection of mummies that have been found in the surrounding areas.
Transfer to Kentitambo and overnight.

The extensive Kuelap Fortress

Visit San Bartolo, the Revash mausoleums and the artisan town of Huancas.
Overnight in Chachapoyas.
A day trip to the beautiful Huembo Reserve which is home to the Spatuletail Hummingbird and many other species.
Overnight in Chachapoyas.
Drive from Chachapoyas to Tarapoto (6hrs) for a flight to Iquitos. Embark on an Amazon River Cruise that leaves from Iquitos that same night or from Nauta on the following morning.
DAY 7 +
River cruise in the Amazon for 3 or 4 nights

Cruise the Amazon aboard a luxury boat


To book this unforgettable journey through unknown regions of Peru, simply contact us and we can put together a tailor-made itinerary for you.