Belmond is a name that is synonymous with the luxury travel market, and today they have launched something very special indeed…


The rear carriage of the Belmond Andean Explorer is the perfect place to view the beautiful Andean landscapes.

The new ‘Andean Explorer’ train is the first luxury sleeper in Latin America, and is set to change the way people experience the magic of Peru forever. Guests aboard this stunning locomotive can expect the highest quality service whilst taking an unforgettable journey through the Andean mountains.

Peru has been a popular destination for many years due to it’s fascinating history, vibrant culture, unique wildlife and world-class trekking. Of course the first thing that will spring to mind when Peru is mentioned is Machu Picchu – the jewel in the crown of the country’s extensive Incan treasures; but there is much more to see than the famous citadel. The Belmond Andean Explorer has linked many other exciting and interesting Incan sites along with natural wonders such as the Colca Canyon, breathtaking views at Lake Titicaca and pretty towns like Arequipa, bringing together the best of the central region. Combine a trip on this luxury train with its popular sister, the Belmond Hiram Bingham train, and you will be seeing the highlights of Peru in serious style.


The cabins of the Andean Explorer are elegantly designed with touches of Peruvian inspiration.

It goes without saying that the train is pure luxury, with stunning interiors that rival many 5-star hotels. The Andean Explorer has space for just 48 guests, who will be able to enjoy the elegant carriages which boast a piano bar car, observation car, a restaurant serving skillfully prepared meals made with local ingredients, a gift boutique, a library and even a spa car for sheer indulgence.


The Belmond Andean Explorer gracefully making its away across the high plains of Peru.

Each cabin has been carefully designed to give passengers the best experience possible, and no detail has been forgotten. There are 4 types of cabin which as standard offer ensuite shower rooms, wardrobes and large windows through which to observe the passing scenery.


Every cabin on the Andean Explorer has a private ensuite shower.

There are 4 different routes of 1 or 2 nights, which travel between Cusco, Lake Titicaca and Arequipa;

1)Peruvian Highlands

This journey takes passengers on a 2 night exploration beginning in  Cusco and visiting Arequipa, Puno and Lake Titicaca. Highlights include the fascinating floating Uros Islands made of reed and a visit to the ancient Raqch’i Incan archeological site. 

2)Andean Plains & Islands of Discovery

The reverse of the Peruvian Highlands itinerary, this 2 night tour begins in Arequipa and travels to Cusco via Lake Titicaca.

3)Spirit of the Water

This short 1 night trip takes in the very best of Cusco and Lake Titicaca – two of the most popular attractions of any holiday in Peru. Highlights include a visit to the ancient Raqch’i Incan archeological site. 

4)Spirit of the Andes

Again, this is a reverse itinerary of the ‘Spirit of the Water’ tour which begins at Lake Titicaca and ends in the Incan capital Cusco.


There is no shortage of sensational scenery on the Belmond Andean Explorer.


If you would like to experience an exclusive journey on the Andean Explorer, simply contact us and let us create your tailor-made holiday to Peru.

Blog post by Kim Mouncer – Product and Marketing Executive, Humboldt Travel