Adventure Holidays

If you are looking for an adventurous holiday which will offer a diverse and exciting range of activities, Latin America will not disappoint.

A trip into the Amazon is an experience in itself, where you can visit indigenous communities, try your hand at piranha fishing or spend a few nights on a traditional riverboat. In contrast, the Andes mountain range provides a rugged, mostly uninhabited landscape that is most famous for the Inca Trek. This remote 5 day hike takes visitors through verdant cloud forests, across steep snow dusted valleys and past turquoise blue lakes before ending at the mysterious ruins of Machu Picchu. For a delightful mix of activities and relaxation, the Lake District, spanning Chile and Argentina offers world class white water rafting on the Futaleufú River, stunning horse trekking, fishing, kayaking and the chance to climb snow-capped volcanoes. The whole area is peppered with tranquil blue lakes, enchanted forests and splendid hot springs that provide welcome relief after a long day exploring. The dry and barren Atacama Desert may seem an unlikely place for an adventure, but with sandboarding, dune buggies, lunar landscapes and some of the best stargazing in on the planet, it is certainly not to be overlooked. Unimaginable beauty awaits visitors who make the long journey to the tip of the southern cone of South America to Patagonia. A mecca for outdoorsy types, this unspoilt and astonishingly scenic part of the world will allow visitors to immerse themselves in one of the last true wildernesses on earth. Torres del Paine National Park and El Chalten are a paradise for trekking, with the ‘W Trek’ being the most popular trail. In Calafate take a boat ride to the face of the breath taking Perito Moreno glacier, or for an alternative view trek across the top of the solid ice peaks.


Inca Trail, Peru

Follow the path of history on the Inca Trail

This historic and well known hiking trail now has a variation of options from 5 day camping adventures which finish at the sun gate overlooking Machu Picchu, to luxury hotels and lodges which include a scenic train ride to the enigmatic ruins. The original Inca Trail is still by far the most popular option for hikers today and now other routes are available including the Salkantay Trek and Lares Trek. Whichever route you decide on, you will be rewarded with spectacular mountain landscapes and the chance to visit remote communities living in the heart of the Andes.


Choose freedom on a private luxury Jeep safari in Patagonia

Beautiful, remote and full of adventure, Patagonia is a perfect location for a private Jeep safari. Choose from having a private guide drive your chosen route, or take the wheel and drive yourself through beautiful scenery making as many photo stops as you wish. After each exciting day of adventure, the evenings will be spent in luxurious accommodation which can be tailored to your preferences. In addition, you can pick from a long list of activities including iceberg kayaking, glacier trekking, horse riding and birdwatching to complete your safari through this majestic region.

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White water raft the Andes

The steep valleys, narrow gorges and glacial rivers of Latin America are perfect for a white water rafting adventure. From the tropical climates of Costa Rica, all the way down to the frozen peaks of Patagonia, this spellbinding continent offers every grade of rafting on every category of river. The Futaleufú river of Chile and the Pacuare River in Costa Rica regularly feature in the Top 10 of the best rafting locations in the world.


Enjoy a riverboat adventure in the Amazon

Take a journey along one of the most famous river networks in the world. The mighty Amazon is over 4000 miles long and at some points can reach over 30 miles wide, earning it the nickname ‘The River Sea’. It supports thousands of species of fish, birds and other wildlife, alongside local communities who rely on the river to survive in this astonishing environment. A cruise along this astounding waterway is a journey you’ll never forget.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Take a power boat ride to the face of Iguassu Falls

Witness the sheer power and awe inspiring magnitude of Iguassu by taking am exhilarating speedboat trip along the river to the face of the falls. You will be soaked from head to foot but this exciting two hour trip offers a unique, unobscured view plus the chance to feel the power of the falls as the boat dips under the unstoppable flow of water.


Explore the coffee plantations of Colombia by hot air balloon

Take to the skies over the beautiful Coffee Region in Colombia to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the verdant valleys and mountainous vistas. This unique experience will allow you to appreciate the splendour of the coffee plantations from above, and allow for some fantastic photographs.


Ice climb on an ancient glacier

Head to the extreme south of the continent and you will find one of the largest ice fields in the world. Located in Patagonia, Los Glaciares National Park offers visitors the chance to trek across the ancient ice caps of impressive glaciers such as Viedma near El Chalten or Perito Moreno near El Calafate. For the daring adventurers, go with a guide who will supply cramp-ons and ice picks to help you climb the frozen vertical walls of these impressive natural wonders.


Take the roadtrip of a lifetime along Ruta 40

Latin America’s answer to Route 66, this highway is one of the longest in the world at over 5000km and stretches from the border town of La Quiaca in the Puna highlands, next to Bolivia, to the South Atlantic Ocean at Cape Virgins in Patagonia. The best way to experience this road is to hire a car and drive yourself through the 11 provinces, 22 national parks and 24 rivers that are covered by the route. Follow in the footsteps of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara and drive this wild and remote route, taking in the breath-taking scenery and stopping at the occasional estancia for a rest and some good food.


Snorkelling in Bonito

Bonito in Brazil is one of Latin America’s top ecotourism destinations. The natural resources in the area make it a perfect place for lakes, rivers, waterfalls and lush forests. A favourite activity is snorkelling and the rich aquatic life means that this is a wonderfully unique experience. After hiking through rich rainforest you can float for around 3km down the Rio Olha d’Agua and Rio da Prata at close proximity to an amazing array of fish in the calm, crystal clear waters.

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Zip line through the rainforest canopy in Costa Rica

Strap yourself into a harness and fly between the trees as you zip line your way through the Costa Rican rainforest. Great for both adults and children, this exciting activity also offers fantastic views and marvellous wildlife spotting opportunities. Readily available countrywide, it’s a must do activity for thrill seekers visiting Costa Rica.


Kayak between icebergs and camp on the ice in Antarctica

For the intrepid explorer, a cruise to Antarctica is one of the last frontiers of travel. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary surroundings by kayaking between giant icebergs for close encounters with penguins, seals and other wildlife. Take a step further into this spellbinding wilderness by spending a night camping on the ice where the purest air on the planet will send you into a deep sleep. With only penguins as your companions, this is an unforgettable experience.


Hike world class trails in Patagonia’s beautiful National Parks

Astounding scenery and an unspoilt wilderness await those who make the journey south to the scenic region of Patagonia. Mount Fitzroy and Torres del Paine have a network of pristine hiking trails which are protected by their National Park status and offer varying degrees of difficulty to suit all levels. As you explore the park, expect to be left speechless by the striking colours and unusual wildlife that cover this marvellous part of the world.