The highest navigable lake in the world, Lake Titicaca is high on the list for most visitors to Peru. The lake reaches into both Peru and Bolivia and is a great way to combine both countries. The town of Puno is the gateway to the lake on the Peruvian side but does not have much to recommend it outside of access to the beauty of Lake Titicaca. It certainly does not have much in the way of luxury hotels. However, travel around 20 minutes from the town and it is a very different story.

The delightfully named Titilaka is located right on the shore of the lake and is the perfect base for exploring Lake Titicaca on a luxury holiday in Peru. Situated on a private peninsula it benefits from 4 acres of private grounds and two private beaches. Part of the Relais and Chateaux group, this hotel offers everything we have come to expect from the luxury label. The cuisine is excellent, the design impeccable and the service flawless, staying at Titilaka is pure pleasure from start to finish.

The hotels offers eighteen rooms, each overlooking the lake. The large windows allow uninterrupted views and the perfect opportunity to see one of Peru’s highlights in all its glory. Wake up to sunrise or enjoying a glass of wine whilst watching the sun set over Lake Titicaca from the comfort of your room. The linen is crisp and white on luxuriously comfortable beds with feather and down bedding, a warm welcome after a day our exploring on the lake. The design of the hotel takes inspiration from the culture of Peru with artisan pieces, traditional weaving in the bed throws and cushions and stunning wall hangings. This is all perfectly complimented by polished wooden floors complete with traditionally woven rugs.

One of the key features of a stay at Titilaka is the all inclusive service. All of the activities are included during your stay along with breakfast, lunch and dinner including drinks and the mini bar in each room. This means that guests can arrive and think about nothing else but how best to enjoy the lake and all that it has to offer. Titilaka is a big part of this and provides a fabulous menu of activities. Guests are not obliged to take part in any activities or tours and it is perfectly possible to just relax and enjoy the hotel and surroundings. The deck that runs round the hotel contains fire pits, perfectly for sitting by as you with the lake, wrapped in a warm blanket.


Without doubt the highlight of the tours is the visit to the islands. The Uros islands are fabulous reed island that float on the lake, inhabited by indigenous people. Taquile island is an actual island that is also populated by indigenous people with a fascinating way of life. These islands are important for anyone visiting the lake and there are numerous tours from Puno taking tourists to visit them. The Titilaka tour is different and something much more special. It offers a private and much more personal tour, visiting different parts of the islands and families with which they work directly, ensuring that they are well paid for their hospitality. It includes a delicious lunch and a wonderful insight into this fascinating culture. You can read more about this tour here.

Other activities on offer at Titilaka include The Aymara route, a full day excursion exploring the peninsula where the hotel is located, learning about the local communities, archaeology and flora and fauna. Guests can also enjoy birdwatching, visit a local market or the nearby Sillustani tombs. This hotel is the perfect place to experience the real Lake Titicaca.

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