Unquestionably one of the most surreal landscapes on planet Earth, Bolivia’s breath-taking Uyuni Salt Lake is one of South America’s unmissable sights. Remote, refined and unique, the peerless Kachi Lodge allows the discerning traveller to experience the magic of the Salar in the best possible comfort. Operational all year-round and located at 3660 metres above sea-level, a stay at this striking lodge is a truly dizzying once-in-a-lifetime experience.

With only six luxurious domes set upon wooden platforms, this ‘glamping’ concept lodge offers an intimate and personalised experience of the Bolivian altiplano’s main attraction. Each dome offers a spacious bedroom, extra-soft bedding, a private bathroom with hot running water and bespoke furniture crafted from regional materials as well as unique pieces of vibrant artwork from Bolivia’s most famous artist, Gastón Ugalde, often referred to as the Bolivian Andy Warhol for his exotic and colourful prints. Delicate interiors crafted from handmade woven alpaca blankets, cactus woods and lattice reed-baskets complete the homely ambience in these stylish domes, paying homage to the rich tradition of Andean handicrafts. Every private dome offers large bay windows with panoramic views of the Salar and its breath-taking star-studded skies.

Despite the lodge’s extreme remoteness, each guest at Kachi Lodge is treated to an innovative gastronomical experience worthy of the finest city restaurants in South America. In partnership with Gustu, La Paz’s most in-demand evening venue, Kachi Lodge offers an haute-cuisine menu that evokes a powerful journey through Bolivia’s enchanting Andean heritage and rich biodiversity. Celebrated as one of South America’s finest restaurants, Gustu’s mission statement has always been to reveal the potential of Bolivia’s unique ingredients. Similarly, Gustu’s exceptional cuisine served at Kachi Lodge makes use of traditional cooking techniques, local produce, exquisite high-altitude Bolivian wines and a traditional aromatic herbal tea menu that effortlessly combines modern culinary innovation with ancient flavours and recipes.

Guests of Kachi Lodge can enjoy a comprehensive programme of included activities to see the best of the region. The Bolivian high plains are a spectacular environment comprising attractions beyond just the obvious lunar beauty of the Salt Lake. Enjoy a visit to the archaeological site of Alkaya with its ancient mummies, or high-altitude hikes and bike trails by the towering Thunupa Volcano. Guests can enjoy breakfast on an island dotted with ancient cacti or start their day with a magical sunrise trail to enjoy the blaze of colours in the morning sky. In the rainy season, when the thin layer of water on the salt crystals turns the Salar into a giant mirror, guests can enjoy one-on-one photography instruction to capture breath-taking images of this Andean paradise. Each unforgettable experience is carried out with your own guide, private car and driver to ensure an exceptional level of personalised service found nowhere else in Bolivia.

For those looking for a curated experience of one of earth’s most surreal destinations, look no further than Kachi Lodge.



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