Experience Wahiba Sands, an impressive stretch of sand dunes, known as a sand sea, that runs from north to south.

Some of the dunes reach up to 100 metres in height, making this a spectacular part of the country and a must-see on any luxury holiday to Oman. The desert is home to around 3000 members of different Bedouin tribes and the coast has attracted numerous fishermen taking advantage of the bounty to be found in the Arabian Sea. The sands are also known for their rich wildlife including a number of migratory birds as well as gazelle and mongoose.

Exploring by 4-wheel drive is the best way to experience the desert but we can also arrange camel treks, sunset drives and dune boarding. Wahiba Sands is a beautiful, exhilarating, fascinating and romantic part of Oman.  


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Magic Camps, Oman

Magic Camps Wahiba Sands

Experience a modern 1001 Nights where the beautiful scene is set under the starry skies of the legendary Wahiba Sands. Enjoy a combination of the Bedouin traditional way of life in the comfort and luxury of the desert tent with an exquisite interior including a private bathroom. Arrival at the camp is its own experience either sliding down the dunes in a 4×4 or traveling the last leg on a camel catching sight of the deluxe tents against a backdrop of golden dunes, surrounded by flickering torch light. Magic Camps Wahiba Sands can accommodate up to 10 tents and operates from October to April.

Wahiba Sands, Oman

Magic Private Camps

Magic Camps offer an extraordinary, eco-sensitive glamping experience in the heart of the Arabian desert. A luxurious mobile tented camp for those seeking a unique experience combining luxury accommodation and breath-taking locations, far from the crowds. Enjoy traditional Arabian interiors and a camp set up exclusively for you on a piece of desert, a beautiful white sand beach or a mountain retreat.  Candles and oil lamps will create the perfect gourmet dinner under the stars, prepared just for you by the chef with fresh, local ingredients.