On a map Easter Island appears as a tiny speck in the ocean, but this island has an exciting and diverse history.

Discovered by the western world on Easter Day (hence the name) in 1722 by the great Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen, Easter Island became a source of fascination due to hundreds of carved stone heads, known as ‘Moai’, displayed all over the island. Originally the island was populated by people who made a remarkable navigation in canoes or catamarans from islands up to 2000 miles away, who historians believe to be Polynesians. The dramatic events that took place on the island over the following years are widely known, and therefore  history enthusiasts will love learning more about it in the flesh, and the wild landscapes will satisfy keen photographers. The island is home to a number of animal, bird and plant species, many of which are endemic due to its isolated location, and with the surrounding seas part of the largest marine reserve in the world, the snorkelling and scuba diving is excellent. A five hour flight from Santiago will take you to Easter island and a bespoke holiday to this ‘off the beaten track’ location could be just the ticket for the adventurous traveller.


Our favourite luxury hotels

Explora Rapa Nui Easter Island Chile

Explora Rapa Nui

The Explora Rapa Nui is a luxury hotel located in Rapa Nui, on Easter Island which features striking architecture which perfectly compliments the wild and remote location. Explora Rapa Nui is the holder of a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design award and this philosophy is felt throughout the entire experience at this hotel. The design is important, with clean, smooth lines which open out on to stunning vistas. The 30 rooms, including 4 suites are elegantly simple with rustic hues and soft pink and green accents. Wide windows let in the light and allow guests to make the most of the beautiful views. The environmental importance also runs deeply through the hotel’s philosophy.

Nayara Hangaroa, Easter Island, Chile

Nayara Hangaroa

Located in Easter Island, the most remote inhabited island in the world and famous for its more than 900 mysterious Moais, Nayara Hangaroa is set amid natural beauty in front of the Pacific Ocean in the island’s only town also called Hanga Roa. The hotel is a tribute to the culture which was inspired by Orongo Village, a ceremonial and ancestral town. Every aspect in the construction and design of the hotel is based on the respect for the environment and sustainability combined with the most comfortable and latest amenities, including swimming pools, spa, two panoramic view and gourmet restaurants and a pool bar. Nayara Hangaroa offers 75 ocean-view rooms, each with its own private terrace and rustic-modern furnishings. Natural and noble materials such as cypress logs, clay and volcanic rock offer guests an insight to the Rapa Nui island lifestyle.

Hare Noi Easter Island Chile

Hare Boutik

The Hare Boutik Hotel is an exclusive, luxury hotel on the beautiful and remote Easter Island. The hotel offers 9 rooms with either garden or sunset views. They are decorated in soft, neutral hues and wide windows frame spectacular views. The hotel spa provides the perfect opportunity to relax and indulge. Surrounded by the gardens and pool it offers treatments inspired by local ingredients and rituals. There is also an outdoor pool and natural volcanic stone solarium. The cuisine has its roots firmly in the ancient Rapa Nui traditions.

Altiplanico Rapa Nui Easter Island Chile

Altiplanico Rapa Nui

The Altiplanico Rapa Nui is a luxury, boutique hotel offering beautiful panoramic views of the shoreline. The hotel is designed as a traditional Easter island boathouse. Its 16 rooms are all independent and individually decorated with stone corridors linking them. Each has its own private terrace, sea views and a shower that opens onto the outside, perfectly combining the interior with nature and the outdoors. Great importance is placed on green spaces and the beautiful gardens and shrubs create relaxing spaces and shelter from the sun. Guests can relax here or enjoy a swim in the pool after a day exploring the island. During construction, several archaeological sites were discovered in the hotel grounds. These have been carefully preserved and marked, allowing guests to get a strong feel for the mysteries and culture that are at the heart of this special island.