Otherworldly. Magical. Breath-taking. Surreal. Words fail to accurately describe the scale of the unique vistas of Bolivia’s Salt Flats and the landscapes of the high plateau that surround them.

The Salar itself is an impossibly vast expanse of crystalline whiteness, interrupted periodically by small mounds of drying salt and scattered ‘islands’ like the well-known Incahuasi, famed for its ancient giant cacti. Complete your experience of the Salar by staying in a salt hotel and enjoying traditional Bolivian cuisine overlooking this remote and peaceful paradise.

Beyond the Salt Flats themselves, this region of south-western Bolivia is exceptionally rich. Closest to the Salt Lakes themselves, you can visit the eerie Train Cemetery, where locomotives from Bolivia’s heritage railroad system lie abandoned in the mountain desert; the Coquesa mummies, ancient indigenous bodies preserved in caves on the altiplano; and the traditional salt-mining village of Colchani where locals produce exquisite handicrafts, more often than not, made out of the hard crystals of the salt lake. Driving out into the remote plains, tours of this region will enchant you with views of isolated and colourful mountain lagoons framed by snow-capped Andean peaks and populated by flamingos, the surreal rock formations of the Siloli or ‘Dalí’ Desert, the geysers and thermal pools of the volcanic highlands, and lush green valleys where indigenous farmers herd alpaca and live in uber-traditional mountain communities.

Wild, vast and varied – the Bolivian altiplano can help but give the impression that you are completely alone, in blissful tranquillity, amongst some of the most spectacular landscapes on planet Earth.


Our favourite luxury hotels

Kachi Lodge, Uyuni, Boivia

Kachi Lodge

Remote, refined and unique, the peerless Kachi Lodge allows the discerning traveller to experience the magic of the Salar in the best possible comfort. There are only six luxurious domes set upon wooden platforms. Each dome offers a spacious bedroom, extra-soft bedding, a private bathroom and bespoke furniture crafted from regional materials as well as unique pieces of vibrant artwork from Bolivia’s most famous artist, Gastón Ugalde. Every private dome offers large bay windows with panoramic views of the Salar and its breath-taking star-studded skies.

Hotel Luna Salada, Uyuni, Bolivia

Luna Salada

Superbly isolated in the wilderness of Uyuni, the Luna Salada is set in a picturesque spot overlooking the famous Salt Lake and is constructed entirely using salt from the region. The comfortable rooms offer a unique rustic charm and some home comforts in this most remote of settings such as en-suite bathrooms, fireplaces and Wi-Fi. Other hotel amenities include a cosy TV lounge, a large fireplace, a games room and a surprisingly well-equipped spa, offering a sauna and a hot hub where guests can unwind in the evening after busy days of exploring the windswept wilderness.

Hotel Palacio del Sal, Uyuni, Bolivia

Palacio de Sal

This quirky hotel is located 1 km from the edges of the famous Uyuni Salt Lake. Constructed entirely from salt and other locally sourced materials this unique and unfussy accommodation brings home comforts to one of the most remote corners of the earth. The simple restaurant delivers hearty, locally inspired cuisine with otherworldly views of the altiplano landscapes. For the chillier evenings, guests can take advantage of the hotel’s comfortable bar and games room with a rustic fireplace to snuggle up with a glass of wine and feel blissfully alone in this striking wilderness.

Deluxe Airstream Campers, Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia

Deluxe Airstream Campervans

Offering the glamping experience of a lifetime, exploring the Uyuni Salt Flats and southern Bolivian Altiplano from the comfort of a deluxe airstream campervan is something truly unique. These sleek mobile homes allow unfettered access to the most remote corners of the Andean high plains, allowing guests to explore this scenic paradise in unparalleled comfort. Watch the sun rise and set over the Salt Flats with a glass of sumptuous local-wine in hand and enjoy delicious home-cooked meals in the peace and privacy of your own private camp in this rugged wilderness.