Not traditionally thought of as a wildlife destination, more than three quarters of Bolivia lie within the Amazon basin and this proud country’s wildlife credentials cannot be ignored.

A chronic lack of developed tourist infrastructure means that accommodation is basic in these off-the-beaten-track regions and travel in rural Bolivia in general requires patience and an open mind. However, precisely due to the frustrating inaccessibility of Rurrenabaque, the Madidi National Park and the jungles of the River Beni; Bolivia is able to offer extremely specialist wildlife-watching opportunities in remote jungle hideaways, untouched by human civilisation. The rainforests come alive at night and nocturnal walks in the Bolivian Amazon are particularly rewarding. Come the morning, mesmerising burnt orange sunrises accompanied by the chorus of tropical birdsong take your breath away.

Pampas tours from Rurrenabaque give you the opportunity to enjoy piranha fishing excursions, swimming alongside rare pink river dolphins, and caiman-spotting, as well as keeping your eyes peeled for a huge range of bird and monkey species. Truly intrepid explorers can head to the Noel Kempff National Park on the border with Brazil and enjoy vistas of spectacular hidden waterfalls in some of the most pristine jungles on the South American continent.


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Glamping in Bolivia

Glamping in the Bolivian Amazon

Choosing to go glamping in Bolivia allows explorers to travel in comfort beyond the limitations of the developing local infrastructure. Spacious tents complete with a large double bed, luxury bed linens, a coffeemaker and cosy chairs offer the opportunity to enjoy comfortable accommodation in the most remote corners of Bolivia. The experience includes the services of a private local chef, guide and driver. The transport between overnight stops is via a deluxe air-conditioned vehicle and all the hassle of setting up your luxury camp for the evening is taken out of the equation.