A true marvel of nature, and not to be missed on a trip to Argentina or Brazil.

No introduction is needed for one of the most familiar landmarks of South America. Thousands of gallons of water tumble over the steep edges creating hundreds of individual falls, which together cause a deafening roar and thick clouds of spray. This magnificent sight is often scattered with rainbows as the sunlight falls through the ever moving cascades. Iguazu Falls (as it’s known in Argentina) or Iguaçu Falls aka Iguassu Falls (as it’s known in Brazil), are waterfalls of the Iguazu River located on the border of the Brazilian state of Paraná and the Argentine province of Misiones. The falls divide the river into the upper and lower Iguazu and each side offers a different perspective of this huge spectacle. The waterfall system consists of 275 falls and the majority of the falls lie in Argentina. You can take an adrenaline fuelled boat ride up the river to the face of the falls, and feel the power of the water as it soaks you through. A stylish way to observe the falls is by helicopter – a bird’s eye view will show you the true scale of this stunning landmark. If you’d rather keep your feet on solid ground, there are raised wooden walkways which spread around the park and allow dramatic views over the most intense area of the falls – the Devils Throat. Aside from the obvious attraction of the waterfall, Iguazu is also a National Park and holds an exciting array of inhabitants including colourful toucans, cheeky coatis and numerous butterflies. If you are extremely lucky (or extremely patient) it is possible to spot big cats here – jaguar and puma have been sighted in the area. For those wishing to get closer to the wildlife – the nearby bird park is a must-visit. Here you can stroke parrots and get fantastic photographs of the native bird life to show everyone back home. For an unforgettable addition to any luxury holiday, be sure to stay in one of the lavish hotels nearby which offer views of the falls from your window.


Our favourite luxury hotels

Aerial view of Belmond Hotel Das Cataratas - Luxury holidays to Brazil - Iguassu

Belmond Hotel Das Cataratas

This is the only hotel situated within the Iguassu National Park on the Brazilian side of the falls. It is the place to stay while on holiday to Iguassu Falls. The hotel is directly in front of the falls enjoying an unrivalled location where guests can experience exclusive access to this magnificent sight in the evening and early morning, when the park is closed to other visitors. All rooms exude classic, elegant luxury and some feature views of the falls. This is a particularly special and distinguished hotel.

Awasi Iguazu, Argentina

Awasi Iguazu

Located just 15 minutes from the impressive Iguazu Falls, this is an exceptional hotel. The 14 luxurious villas are built on stilts for minimal environmental impact, and spread throughout the jungle, yet still within easy reach of the main lodge. Each boasts a private plunge pool, outdoor shower and spacious living area.  Each villa is assigned a private guide and 4WD, allowing guests to explore at their own pace. The hotel works closely with biologists to create activity options that go beyond the falls and give visitors the opportunity to experience the wonderful nature of the area.

Sheraton Iguazu Argentina Bespoke Brazil

Melia Iguazu Resort and Spa

The only hotel located inside Iguazu National Park on the Argentinean side of the falls, this hotel has a privileged  location just a short walk away from the awesome waterfalls and in front of the famous Devil’s Gorge, ‘El Garganta del Diablo’. The three floor resort features 176 rooms, all of which have private balconies with views either overlooking the falls or out towards the jungle. All rooms are decorated in a crisp bright style with large windows allowing natural light to flow through. The hotel features an outdoor pool and spa facilities which include a hamman, hot tub and a sauna. Guests dine on local and international cuisine while enjoying a view overlooking the falls.